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All you need to do is submit the design of the trailer to us, and our professional team quickly quote.
Trailer frames from daniel-fazio_副本
Trailer frames from daniel-fazio_副本

Wholesale Trailer Frames Can Be Easy & Safe.

We usually reply within 12 hour with confidence.

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Original manufacturer, cooperating with top brands for years, detail control is our advabtade, save your time and energy.

PandaHeadset's Services are always go extra mile

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We treat each customer as our friend, think and provide what you need.
Because all products are customized, we promise Privacy Protection for each customer.
As the original manufacture, we can provide you high quality products with the logo lasercutting.
According to your products and quantity, we can provide you the best shipping solutions.
As the factory, we always stand behind the products, and provide solutions. Detail control and perfect after sales makes everything excellent.

Choose Trailerm - The Real Veteran in the Industry

Starting 2016, mainly cooperating with top brands for years, knowing each detail for your products.

  1. We have the first-hand price as the original manufacturer.
  2. We have a professional design and engineering team, quote, and issues focus exactly.
  3. We are responsible for the products, providing perfect after-sales service.

Let’s start with a sample. We will surprise you.

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from United Kindom

They are sincere and trustworthy. They will confirm the material and specification of the product the first time, and confirm with me at every step of the production. This is very different from many factories I’ve encountered before.

I’m grateful to meet such a good thought supplier to solve my worries!

from Australia

I compared many suppliers and finally chose them. Although their factory is not very big, they treat the factory as their home, and everyone cares for each other like family, and everyone will do their job seriously. This also makes me feel relaxed and confident about our future.

from Korea

See what our happy clients are talking about us

It’s a great factory. Because my business is just starting, many big companies are not willing to take my small orders. This factory surprised me by not only giving me sound advice and lowering my costs but also by making the product more popular. Consistent quality products are my primary choice.

from Spain

We’ve been working together for many years. I appreciate their continuous learning attitude and am excited to see their progress each and every day. We are not only partners in business, but also good friends in life. I would love to refer my close friends to them because they are trustworthy!

from America

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We accept a 30% deposit and balance before shipping.

Please contact zhuoyuemetal@126.com for more details.

Depending on your drawings, generally, it’s about 45 days for the sample and 30 days for bulk goods.

Considering the freight fee, the MOQ is 1o PCS according to your exact products.


Certainly, please contact us for more details.

As the original manufacturer, we calculate based on the raw material level and the concrete specificaitions.

Yes. We always stand behind the products as the factory.

Yes. Welcome to visit our factory.